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Hammill Medical builds confidence. We are a contract manufacturer of implantable medical devices, with the facilities, equipment, and talent to manufacture your products with confidence. From orthopedic implants, spinal implants, and surgical instruments, to a wide range of other implantable medical devices, confidence is what ships in every box. It’s our goal to work with you from concept, through design and into manufacturing to produce the highest quality products at an affordable cost.

Orthopedic Implant Systems


How do we help you manufacture with confidence? By bringing our broad array of orthopedic implant manufacturing and engineering resources to you on time and on budget, giving you the certainty you and your customers need to succeed. That’s how.

Spinal Implant Systems


It’s said that the most beautiful outer quality is confidence. We believe that extends to inner quality, too. From screws to plates to PEEK, our spinal implant manufacturing and engineering capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. The Hammill name means you can have faith in every one of our implants. Every single one of them.

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Precise, durable, and able to perform at the highest level at all times. That’s how our customers describe the surgical instruments that stem from our engineering and manufacturing process. And those qualities lead to unequaled confidence.

Prototype Manufacturing & Product Development

Prototype Manufacturing & Product Development

Hammill Medical products are developed and brought to market faster and better than any in the industry. From concept to design to manufacture, products bearing the Hammill name represent a level of trust you won’t find anywhere else. We’re confident you’ll agree.


Hammill Medical’s proprietary actuation mechanism allows discrete control of both expansion and lordosis. This allows intra-operative adjustment to meet the clinical needs of a patient’s anatomy.


There’s much more to learn about us than what you’ve seen here on this site. Browse our documents library and learn even more.